Our objective is to appreciate observational entropy. We aim to spread the word about it so others can enjoy it as well. We read and write papers about it. We study it, interpret it, and apply it. We devote a part of our research time to it. We are the Observational Entropy Appreciation Club.

Now a bit seriously:

The goal of this webpage is to make it easier for scientists entering this emerging field to get up to speed. This will be done by providing links to scientific research related to observational entropy, as well as by providing links to talks about various topics in this field.

For the active researchers, this hub serves as means to advertise their work on observational entropy, helping them keep up with the latest research, as a potential source for references, and as a tool to easier get in touch with other researchers in the field.

In the future, we might introduce a forum where various topics and papers related to observational entropy are discussed and advertise events such as conferences.